Transforming a Troubled Marriage During a Three-Day Therapy Retreat

By | December 11, 2018

Although conventional marriage counseling often helps couples get back on track, this isn’t always the case. A couple heading toward divorce may be leery of counseling after hearing from friends or relatives that therapy actually made their relationship worse. They might be interested in a marriage therapy retreat lasting just a few days. To learn how other couples have been helped in a marriage retreat, they can read relationship rescue academy reviews.

Communication Breakdown

Troubled marriages aren’t always characterized by fighting. One spouse may be chronically sarcastic or critical to the other, making the other person feel a constant sense of inadequacy. That person may eventually lash out from frustration or, in contrast, may perpetually be trying to please the other one. This is no way to communicate. Another common problem is when one spouse drinks alcohol every evening to ease anxiety or stress, which creates a wall of emotional distance.

A Problem With Conventional Counseling

One problem with traditional marriage counseling is that hard feelings and anger can be stirred up in a session lasting 60 or 90 minutes, after which the couple goes home and has to wait another week for the next session. In the meantime, they have not made enough progress to begin communicating openly and with trust. They may feel more troubled about their relationship than they did before.

Transforming a Marriage Through Communication

In contrast, an intensive marriage retreat gets to the heart of the matter quickly so the couple can spend most of the long weekend learning how to communicate effectively again and opening up to each other. They begin to discover and create resolutions to problems that may have come up relatively recently or may have been undermining the relationship for years.

Communication is key, but many spouses hide their negative feelings from one another, not wanting to cause trouble. When certain issues are raised during therapy, the other spouse may feel blindsided. In a marriage retreat, the couple has professional guidance to help them work through these moments. They aren’t sent home after an hour to deal with it on their own. They are able to transform their relationship before they leave.