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By | June 19, 2018

Different Types of Baby Jumpers and their Benefits.

It common to find babies jumping and laughing when they are inside the jumper. Parents are cautioned against putting their baby in the jumper, if they cannot support their head. The maximum time a baby can use a jumper in a day its 20 minutes. There are different types of baby jumpers that are been sold in the market by different brands.

There is the stationary baby jumper, which has a seat, an elastic cord and a frame. The only activity that your baby can do on this jumper it’s to bounce.

There is also the stationary activity jumper. This jumper is similar to the stationary activity since it has an elastic cord, a frame and a seat the only difference is it has a tray that is filled with different kind of toys. The kind of toys in one stationary jumper may be different from that of another jumper, the child can play with them when they are not bouncing.

Another type of jumper it’s the doorway jumper. When buying this kind of jumper the manufacturer will advise you to use it on the doorway. It consist of a seat that has been suspended on straps. If you are looking a jumper to use on door this would be the best type.

Jumper are associated with several benefits. Jumper has a health benefit of keeping the baby physically fit. When the child is inside the jumper, they get to move around it and exercise their legs when bouncing, this is very beneficial for their physical health. A hand and eye coordination is another benefits that babies get from using jumperoo. The baby learns how to respond to sound by listening to the music on the jumper.

Jumpers help in building and developing the legs muscles, through allowing the children to either jump or move their legs around them. When the baby is looking at the different color of object in the tray, their visual sense is enhanced.

There are numerous benefits that parents can enjoy when their babies are on the jumper, they can get sometime to do other activities in the house. Make sure you have the jumper and the baby close to you, even as you carry on with other activities.

One of the most important things you should consider when buying the baby jumper, it’s the weight limit written on it. If you buy a jumper for a weight that is less than what your baby weighs, the jumper can break and cause harm to the baby.

It is also important to check the kind of seats that the jumper has. Go for a seat that can be removed and be washed, it should also be possible to adjust the height on the seat.

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