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By | July 6, 2018

Exploring Pine Straw Ground Cover.

We typically put covers to the ground especially in gardening, a process that is known as landscaping. There are different materials that are used to do the covering. Many people use leaves; others use branches. Mulching is the covering of the soil so that you can be able to reduce evaporation. We shall only look at the type of mulching that is done by use of the covering of pine leaves.

A lot of people have show satisfaction in using these leaves to do mulching. It can be a good thing is we point out the benefits of using these leaves in mulching.

There is the prevention of soil erosion. The needle-like leaves are substantial when it comes to holding the soil together. This means that they are always in a position to keep the eroding soil or even put together the things that are causing the land to move downstream. Thus, you can control soil erosion by use of this kind of mulches.

The other thing is that it is environmentally friendly. Probably you have come across people who are using synthetic materials to do the mulching process. The danger of using these materials is the fact that they can sometimes cause suffocation of plants and other living organisms in that particular area. The mulching that is derived from pine leaves provide a suitable environment in case that they are quick to decay and hence giving essential chemicals to the soil and the microorganisms. You have seen the kind of benefits that we are talking about in this article.

They last longer compared to others like grass and the barks of trees. The lack of the ability of these leaves to consume a lot of water is the primary cause of this kind of mulches to last a very long time. The service of this kind of leaves or barks that generally absorb water is short lived, just because of the fact that, they are not able to resist decaying that is facilitated by the presence of the waters in them. There is the effect of fungi growth when you use materials that decay very fast.

Pine leaves are useful in allowing water to pass through them, especially the rainwater. There is the passage of rainwater through the spaces in their arrangements. This means that the needle-like leaves cannot hold much water and hence it will go through to the ground, thus nourishing the crops. It is only convenient to say that, pine leaves are perfect for the ground cover.

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